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'Paradise of the Pacific' Christmas 1925 Issue

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'Paradise of the Pacific' Christmas 1925 Issue Volume 38, December 1925, Number 12. 132 pp. The special Christmas issue of Hawaii's illustrated monthly magazine, which includes ads, fiction short stories, historical articles, essays on development and progress, poetry, art, travel accounts and more from the Islands of Hawaii. Condition: NEAR MINT, slight damage to paper of spine. "In 1888, when Hawaii was still a monarchy, King Kalākaua commissioned a magazine under royal charter to be Hawaii's ambassador to the world. That magazine was Paradise of the Pacific. For nearly a century, Paradise of the Pacific promoted local business and tourism by assuring citizens of the United States that the Islands were civilized. Noted contributors to Paradise of the Pacific included Henry B. Christian, Helen Thomas Dranga, Arman Manookian, and Edwin North McClellan. In 1966, Paradise of the Pacific became HONOLULU Magazine. Honolulu shifted its focus to news and features aimed at an affluent residential audience. It covers dining, culture, arts, politics, entertainment in and around Honolulu and throughout Hawaii. Today, Honolulu Magazine is among the handful of publications in the U.S. that have chronicled the events of an entire century. It is the oldest magazine in the state of Hawaii." -Wikipedia