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Hawaiian Wayside - By Isami Doi

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Hawaiian Wayside, 9" x 7", circa 1940, stone lithograph.

Archivally framed in a superb, genuine curly Koa wood frame and ready for hanging. Pencil signed and dated by the artist.

Isami Doi (1903-1965) was born on Oahu to Japanese immigrant parents. After growing up on Kaua'i, he attended the University of Hawaii for two years, and then Columbia University. In 193, Doi returned to Hawaii, where he taught printmaking, drawing, and metal work as well as designing jewelry for the S. and S. Gumps store in Waikiki and turning out numerous woodblock prints and paintings of his own. Doi is credited with inspiring an entire generation of Hawaiian/Japanese artists, including Satoru Abe, Bumpei Akaji, Jerry Okimoto, and Tadashi Sato.