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Edithe Beutler Floral Vintage Reproduction: Orchids

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Edithe Beutler Floral Vintage Reproduction: Orchids This is a gorgeous archival-quality reproduction of an original photo hand-colored in oil, circa 1940s, by Hawaii photographer Edithe Beutler. The tropical orchid is another characterizing flower of the Hawaiian Islands. The Big Island of Hawaii is known as the “Orchid Isle” and these popular, ubiquitous flowers have a fragrant, colorful bloom that will brighten up any room or garden. Measures 8" x 10" Looks wonderful framed! -- Edithe Beutler (1893- ) was a prolific photographer and hand-tint artist from California who fell in love with Hawaii's flora. The official colorist for KODAK and the wife of artist Albert Beutler, her art shop in Honolulu, The Color Art Shop, was the place to go for color photographs of Oahu. Her outstanding work appeared in numerous books in the 1930s and 40s, including the 1944 illustrated book with Frank Warren, "Trees and Flowers of the Hawaiian Islands." In addition to her floral works, she also produced a number of colorful panoramas from around Hawaii.