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1830s Framed Native Hawaiian Red and Blue Decorated Kapa Barkcloth

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1830s Framed Native Hawaiian Red and Blue Decorated Kapa Barkcloth An incredible piece of Native Hawaiian ingenuity, made of paper mulberry pulp pounded paper-thin and skillfully dyed in gorgeous patterns using all natural dyes. This magnificent specimen, handmade and absolutely one-of-a-kind, is framed in Koa wood veneer frame and ready to hang - A worthy centerpiece to any Hawaiian or Polynesian collection! Measurements: 35" x 22" cloth, 48" x 35" frame Materials: Paper mulberry with natural red and blue dyes- The blue is derived from the uki uki berry, the red from red calico trade cloth. Handmade circa 1830s. Framed in Koa Wood Veneer frame and ready to hang! Can be hung either vertically or horizontally, whichever you prefer. Provenance: -Clifford Bowman Estate, Hawaii -Irving Jenkins, Hawaii -Private Collection, Hawaii About Hawaiian kapa (tapa) cloth: "In old Hawaii, tapa production and decoration reached a level of refinement and variety unsurpassed in any other culture of the Pacific. Unfortunately, Hawaiian culture also suffered greatly from the early impact of European penetration so that by the later 19th century the art of Hawaiian tapa-making had become extinct." (Neich and Pendergrast: 1997, p. 91) **If you are interested in this item, PLEASE CONTACT US at 808-227-2931 or for more information and accurate shipping rates to your location.