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4. Alpin at the door, 1976

4. Alpin at the door, 1976

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“I was nine years old when John took this picture.  I arrived at Taylor Camp when I was three—just about to turn four. My dad and my sister were still on the Big Island and I remember hitchhiking with my mom and arriving at Taylor Camp and walking into the camp the first time and me being really excited.  I was like, ‘Wow, there's tree houses and the beach’, and people were friendly to us, really welcoming.  I remember Mom said, ‘I think we'll live here’, and I was so excited and really happy.  It looked like a really fun, cool place to live and there were a lot of a really neat people there."

“I have such sweet, fond memories of playing on the beach and playing in the jungle. My sister and I would go ‘visiting’ and we would go from house to house and there would always be something going on, from a card game to people playing music, to making food, or crafts from batik to candle making to sewing and stuff like that.  So, that was really fun.”

                                                                                           Alpin (Hamilton) Noble


Archival 19 x 12.875-inch inkjet photos printed on 22 x 17-inch Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta—a pure100% Cotton Fine Art paper, acid and lignin-free, with the classic look of analog darkroom prints. Each photograph is spray-coated to meet the most exacting archival requirements—sealing the print surface and protecting the photo from dirt, fingerprints, moisture, fading, airborne contamination, and ozone damage.


1. Crescent RagMat window mat and backing boards.

Crescent’s 100% Cotton RagMat Museum Solid C1153, with image border reveal of 5/16-inch top and sides with 7/16-inch bottom for title, date, and signature. Mat revealed (after framing) 4-inch top and sides and 4.25-inch bottom.

2. Mounting and Framing Procedures

Polyester film mounting corners approved by the Library of Congress. Studio Molding, #3345 Madera Grey frame, rabbet lined with conservation sealing tape. Mounting procedure is reversible. Finish dimension is approximately
30 x 21.5-inches. Framing process meets all Library of Congress Conservation Standards.

3. Glazing

Non-glare, UV protective shatterproof acrylic Tru Vue Museum Glass.