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1784 First Edition Cook’s Voyages John Webber Etching: ‘A VIEW OF KARAKAKOOA'
1784 First Edition Cook’s Voyages John Webber Etching: ‘A VIEW OF KARAKAKOOA'

1784 First Edition Cook’s Voyages John Webber Etching: ‘A VIEW OF KARAKAKOOA'

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11.5 x 21 inches. Matted & Koa Wood Framed 24.75 x 34 inches.

1784 First Edition Webber Copperplate Etching 'A VIEW OF KARAKAKOOA, in OWYHEE,' Plate 68 from the "1784 First Edition Atlas Accompanying Capt. James Cook and King: Third and Final Voyage of Captain James Cook." Artist: John Webber, Engraver: W. Byrne. This is the FIRST artistic depiction of a surfboard and Hawaiians surfing! Archival matting, ready for framing. Condition is excellent for a original work of art that is 230 years old. Also the image has not been trimmed and is a full page from the third voyage atlas as published!

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— About the Artist: John Webber (1751-1793) was an expedition artist noted for his images of early Alaska and Hawaii, which he created while serving as official artist on Captain James Cook’s exploration of the Northwest and the Pacific. On this voyage, where Cook lost his life in a fight in Hawaii, Webber became the first European artist to make contact with Hawaii, then called the Sandwich Islands. He did numerous watercolor landscape sketches of Kauai and the Big Island of Hawaii and also showed many of the Hawaiian people and their activities. About Cook’s Voyages: Captain Cook’s 1776–1780 Expedition consisted of two ships, the Resolution and the Discovery and 182 men. They were charged by the British Admiralty to search for a Northwest Passage from the western coast of North America. On this voyage, Cook discovered the Hawaiian Islands, was the first to chart Alaska’s southern coastline, and reached farther north than any previous Pacific mariner. “A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean. Undertaken, by the Command of His Majesty, for Making Discoveries in the Northern Hemisphere, to Determine the Position and Extent of the West Side of North America; Its Distance from Asia; and the Practicability of a Northern Passage to Europe. Performed under the Direction of Captains Cook, Clerke, and Gore, in His Majesty’s Ships the Resolution and Discovery, in the Years 1776, 1777, 1778, 1779, and 1780,” was the first official publication of Cook’s third voyage with its folio atlas. It was so eagerly awaited by the public that it sold out in three days.