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RARE 1819 Plan De La Rade De Kayakakoua Sur I'ile Owhyhi, Map Hawaii
RARE 1819 Plan De La Rade De Kayakakoua Sur I'ile Owhyhi, Map Hawaii
RARE 1819 Plan De La Rade De Kayakakoua Sur I'ile Owhyhi, Map Hawaii

RARE 1819 Plan De La Rade De Kayakakoua Sur I'ile Owhyhi, Map Hawaii

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(Hawaii-Death of Captain Cook) Plan De La Rade De Kayakakoua (ou Kairua du No. 1151 et Tyetatooa du No. 573) sur l'ile Owhyhi Leve et dresse P ar Mr. L.I. Duperrey, Officer de Marine, Embarque sur la Corvette du Roi l'Uranie. Auot 1819Exceedingly rare plan of Honolulu Bay, the earliest obtainable map of Honolulu based upon actual surveys.

Exceedingly rare plan of Kailua Bay on the Island of Hawaii, the first ever printed plan of the Bay.

Often confused with Kealakekua Bay, this is actually the first map ever of Kailua Bay, on the Big Island. Kayakakoua was the ancient Hawaiian name for Kailua Beach, and the map was further confusing in that Duperry made a serious mistake in latitude on the map. Otherwise the accuracy of this map is verified quite nicely by modern maps of Kailua Bay.

This finely executed map is based upon the surveys taken by Louis-Isidore Duperrey, who participated in the Louis de Freycinet's second circumnavigation. In 1817, Freycinet set sail on his second major voyage on the Uranie, in which Louis Isidore Duperrey, Jacques Arago, Adrien Taunay the Younger, and others, went to Rio de Janeiro to take a series of pendulum measurements. As well, was a larger scheme for obtaining observations, not only in geography and ethnology, but in astronomy, terrestrial magnetism, and meteorology, and for the collection of specimens in natural history. The voyage lasted for 3 years, visiting Australia, the Mariana Islands, Hawaiian Islands, and other Pacific islands, South America, and other places, and, notwithstanding the loss of the Uranieon the Falkland Islands during the return voyage, returned to France with fine collections in all departments of natural history, and with voluminous notes and drawings of the countries visited.

The results of this voyage were published under Freycinet's supervision in monumental work of 17 volumes, with the title of Voyage autour du monde fait par ordre du Roi sur les corvettes de S. M. l'Uranie et la Physicienne, pendant les années 1817, 1818, 1819 et 1820, consisting of 13 quarto volumes and 4 folio volumes of plates and maps.

The map is exceedingly rare, this being the only one on the market right now


Obtained from Lahaina Print Seller as Part of a Larger Collection 


14” x 20.5"map, 23.25" x 29.25" Archive framed in Koa 

Condition is near mint some very light foxing