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Mokihana, Hawaii (1936 version) - by John Melville Kelly

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Mokihana. Hawaii, ca 1936. Etching, drypoint. 11 7/16 x 8 15/16 in. (29.05 x 22.7 cm). Archivally framed in superb premium Koa wood frame, ready to hang. "Several years after working to perfect his original 'Mokihana,' Kelly revisits the same subject... she sits in the original pose, but here, in the lower left corner, the tips of her fingers curve upwards holding a delicate blossom. The angle of her fingers leads the viewer's eye back to the figure's face, the depth and contours of which are greater in this later version due to deeper line work." -"John Melville Kelly - Hawaiian Idyll," by Natasha Drucker **If you are interested in this item, PLEASE CONTACT US at 808-227-2931 or for more information and accurate shipping rates to your location. --- Born in Oakland, CA on Nov. 2, 1879, John Kelly began his art studies at the Mark Hopkins Institute and Partington Art School. He worked for 14 years as an illustrator for the San Francisco Examiner before he and his wife, sculptor Kate Kelly, moved to Hawaii in 1923. The original plan was to stay for a year, but they fell in love with the islands and the people and stayed. Kelly produced numerous etchings and aquatints with Hawaii as a subject, primarily of human figures. He authored and illustrated "Etchings and Drawings of Hawaiians" in 1943, and "The Hula as Seen in Hawaii" in 1955. John Melville Kelly died in Honolulu in 1962.