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Hawaiian Club Papers

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Hawaiian Club Papers. Abner A. Kingman, Boston, 1868. Edited by a Committee of the Club. 119 pages. Condition: FINE. Binding and cover are in near pristine condition, spine flawless. Some inside pages show minor water damage at top inside corners, otherwise clean and crisp. One of only 450 copies (inscription inside reads " Four Hundred and Fifty Copies Plain; Fifty Club Copies Tinted") printed by the Hawaiian Club, this rare, beautifully preserved compilation contains commentary on Hawaiian flora and volcanoes, exports and imports, anecdotes and traditional stories gathered by its members, and more. "The Hawaiian Club was formed in Boston in January 1866 'by a few gentleman' [sic] who had, at different periods during the previous forty years, resided in the Hawaiian Islands. There were 15 original members, and by 1868 the total had increased to 45. Although the club was in existence for many years, this volume of papers was their first (and only) publication." -Forbes