About Manu Antiques

Established in 1995, Manu Antiques, formerly Mauna Kea Galleries, is a predominant source for Hawaiian and Polynesian artifacts, antiques and artworks. A longtime passion for owners Mark and Carolyn Blackburn, the gallery is well known throughout the world for its vast inventory of rare objects.

Mark Blackburn has authored many books including Hawaiiana: The Best of Hawaiian Design, Tattoos From Paradise, Hula Girls and Surfer Boys 1870-1940, Hula Heaven: The Queen’s Album, and Surf’s Up: Collecting the Longboard Era. Blackburn is a Senior Certified Appraiser with over 30 years experience in the field. He has performed appraisals for prestigious establishments such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Mission Houses of Hawaii, and the Bishop Museum Honolulu. Appraisals are also done for individuals, please contact us for more information.

We stock rare Hawaiian and Polynesian artifacts including items of daily use, sculpture and weaponry. Manu Antiques’ Hawaiiana collection includes vintage Mings jewelry, Hawaiian Shirts and Aloha attire, Menus from Hawaii’s Golden Age, Posters, Ephemera, Hula Dolls and many other historical items. World-renowned for our selection of rare books and engravings from Hawaii and the Pacific, our inventory includes desirable collector’s classics such as Captain Cook’s Voyages and writings from the original missionary settlers in Hawaii.

Manu Antiques also stocks rare, one-of-a-kind artwork, including masterworks by artists associated with Hawaii, such as D. Howard Hitchcock, Lionel Walden, Jules Tavernier, Madge Tennent and John Kelly.

Looking to sell? Manu Antiques is always interested in purchasing vintage Hawaiian and Polynesian art, artifacts, and antiques! Please contact us for more information at (808) 227-2931 or email us at info@maunakeagalleries.com.


Manu Antiques/Mauna Kea Galleries
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